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We 'CARE' Courage, Aspire, Respect, Explore


Geography Curriculum Intention


At Milford on Sea Primary School ‘We CARE’ about geography and enjoy exploring the world around us. We believe that a high-quality geography education inspires pupils to be curious and encourages them to question, investigate and critically engage with real-world issues.


Pupils at MOSPS develop an understanding of global interconnectedness and interdependence. We explore and celebrate similarities and differences between people, places and environments and children gain a respect for nature and a compassion and empathy for different cultures and habitats.


Geographical knowledge, understanding and skills about the Earth's key physical and human process are taught in a fun and inspiring way. Pupils develop an understanding of globally significant places, their defining human and geographical features, how these are interdependent and change over time.


Pupils explore and interpret a range of geographical sources and have hands-on opportunity to collect and analyse data through various fieldwork opportunities. Our commitment to outdoor learning is seen through the breadth of educational visits across the school, our forest and beach school curriculum and our ECO-Pod and school garden facilities.


We recognise the subject’s importance in helping pupils become Global Citizens and we encourage pupils to take action for a better more sustainable world. Geography plays a key role in the school’s commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals through the Eco Green Flag Award. 


Our vision is that MOSPS pupils will aspire to be a force for good in the world, have respect for themselves, others and the environment and will grow up to be a valuable contribution to our global society. 

Geography Concepts

To see current Geography topics, please visit the class pages area in our website.