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Milford-on-Sea Church of England Primary School Academy Trust

We 'CARE' Courage, Aspire, Respect, Explore

School Values




Courage, Aspire, Respect, Explore

Our ‘We CARE’ mission statement


At Milford on Sea Primary School we are courageous in our learning, aspire to be the best we can be, have respect for ourselves and others and have fun exploring the world around us.

Our Christian Ethos & Our 'We CARE' Values


The school's Christian values are embedded into the curriculum at MOSPS through collective worship, Religious Education lessons and providing a landscape against which we learn. They also give spiritual foundation for our 'We CARE' values, allowing our pupils to explore questions, thoughts and ideas that arise out of these core values through the story of God.


Is a core value for our school and it can be explored through many stories within the Bible. Through the life of Jesus we can draw inspiration for having the courage to stand up for what is right in all circumstances and we can find the courage to persevere in times of great challenge from the understanding that "...the Lord your God is with us wherever we go."  Joshua 1:9


We want our pupils to ASPIRE to achieve their personal best and take action for a better world and through the stories of Jesus's life we can draw inspiration to overcome obstacles on the way to understanding who we are and who we are made to become.


Is an important core value because it is the foundation stone of relationships within our school and wider community. Through the Bible we can explore how God encourages us to respect all others, regardless of differences, values and beliefs, and to respect ourselves.


We want our pupils to EXPLORE who they are, their faith or spirituality, God's world and their place in it.  As a school we want our pupils to recognise the gifts they have been given for the benefit of the whole world.