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Live Link 2

Class Live-Link 2


Class 5 did the second of our live Facetime sessions. They had prepared posters about handwashing to share with Kushadevi Class 1 pupils—they will be making some posters to send back soon.

Both sets of pupils got a chance to ask some questions and technology seemed to be on our side this week, as we only had to reconnect three times during the half hour session.

They wanted to know whether we liked singing and dancing, how long we spent at school and how we got to school, while we asked questions about the games they like to play, what things they like to do outside of school and if they have taps in their houses.

We were really impressed that many of the Kushadevi pupils asked their questions in English, so we introduced ourselves in Nepali.

To say "My name is....",  you just say "Mero Nam (insert name here) ho".  Why not try it at home!

Check out the photos of Class 5's session below.