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The Kingdom Revealed

This half-term in English we are studying a book called - The Kingdom Revealed by Rob Ryan

Class 6 have enjoyed diving into the story starting with writing a description of two rooms. One a palace room, one a bedsit. Their partner then had to draw the room based on what was said. We then made some predictions about the story based on the introduction, worked on our vocabulary by learning new words from the story and working on antonyms and synonyms, planned a setting description and drafted a setting description based on a train station. 


As we have continued to read the story we have been using a lot of reading comprehension skills to make predictions, infer characters thoughts and feelings and understand a range of tricky vocabulary. We have written a letter and learnt direct speech, this then turned into writing a conversation between two main characters. The last part of our learning will finish next week, when we predict and write the ending to the story using all of the skills we have been taught this term. 

The children enjoyed predicting and writing the ending to the story. They had some fantastic ideas. We finished this work by watching author Tom Palmer edit a paragraph of his writing, the children took notes when watching him and then edited their own work. They were throughly engaged and worked well bouncing ideas off each other.