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Partnership with Tanzania

British Council Supported Partnership with Tanzania 


As part of our Global Curriculum, and in partnership with the British Council, the children in Year 2 have formed a new link with Bongoyo Primary School, Tanzania. This is part of a British Council Supported Partnership Cluster of schools from the UK and Tanzania (Summer 2021). 


Please scroll down to see how this project evolves over time. 



We are continuing with our Global Learning link to the United Nations Goals for Sustainable Development:

The first stage of the project was for the two schools to get to know each other. The children in Year 2 have worked together to produce their very own video introducing our school to the students and teachers at Bongoyo Primary School and the students in Tanzania have sent photos and videos to us too. 


As both schools are located on the coast, the children at Milford and at Bongoyo are working together on a project linked to Climate Change and Plastic Pollution. 


Children at MOSPS have been finding out about Tanzania for their Homework

Both schools have visited their beach to do a beach clean and carry out project work!

Year 2 spent the morning investigating plastic pollution and the causes and effects of this.



They decided it would be a good idea to make some posters to encourage people to pick up their litter from the beach.



They also thought about God's creation and wrote prayers to take down to the beach for their worship.

In the afternoon, they headed down to the beach to carry out their beach clean, create some beach art, make a film for our Tanzanian friends and have their worship.

The children even managed to persuade the lady in The Needles Eye Cafe to put some of their posters up in the windows of the cafe! 

We sent the video of our beach trip to our friends at Bongoyo Primary School

We received a lovely email from Badru about our video:


Hi Lorna, I do hope by the Grace of Almighty God you are ok. On my side, I’m ok.

Today around 10:59 AM, me and my children watched your beautiful video from the beginning to the end, about 13 minutes and three seconds .

Our children loved it so much, in such away that they asked me to repeat two times, infact they have learnt a lot from the video, and they told they are going to draw beautiful pictures and I’ll share with you.


I attach the videos and some pictures of the happiness children. Thank you so much.



The children at Bongoyo watching our video

Still image for this video

A message from Bongoyo Primary School

Still image for this video


The children at MOSPS decided they would like to write letters to their friends at Bongoyo Primary School. They worked hard to write their letters, introducing themselves and being extra careful with their handwriting. They then posted the letters off to Tanzania.


Luckily for us, Badru had sent Miss Walton an email with a video showing how to make an envelope out of recycled paper:


Hi Lorna, nice to hear from you today.


Our children learnt How to Make an Envelope From Recycled Paper

1. Start with a Template. Download, print, and cut out our template; trace onto scrap paper — like this page from a drawing primer — and cut out.

2. Make Folds. Fold in the side flaps, then fold up the bottom flap. ...

3. Seal the Envelope.

It was amazing project . I attached with video to watch.


The children at MOSPS watched the video then made envelopes for their letters. It was tricky but the end results were great!



Bongoyo Primary School Envelope Making

Still image for this video
The children at Bongoyo showing MOSPS children how to make their own envelopes from recycled paper.

27th September 

Our letters finally arrived in Tanzania!!

Still image for this video


Photos from Tanzania


Now that the children are in Year 3/4, they are continuing to share their learning with the children at Bongoyo Primary School. The teachers sent an email to introduce themselves and sent some work the children have completed on CLIMATE CHANGE:




Our names are Mrs Walker-Arnott and Miss Ivey and we are two of the year 3/4 teachers at Milford-on-Sea Primary School. We are teaching some of the children who worked with you when they were in Year 2 and we are very excited to keep this link going now that they are in Year 3.


This term, they have been learning all about climate change and endangered animals. They have researched the human conflict, illegal wildlife trade and COP26. They have produced a wide range of work and we even went to the zoo to look at the species that are endangered! As a result, they made promises and pledges of what they could do, what our school could do and what they would like world leaders to do to help animals and the environment. We wanted to share some of the work the children have been doing and we have attached pictures to this email. We can't wait to hear what your children have been learning!