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Together for Our Planet Day 2021

Together for Our Planet Day 2021


On Friday 12th February, MOSPS held a 'Together for Our Planet' Day, where the whole school, whether working in school or at home, spent the day learning all about our planet and how climate change is affecting it. This supports our ongoing work towards the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development. 


The day was linked to the COP26 Conference for Climate Change which is taking place in Glasgow, in November 2021. A former pupil of MOSPS works for COP26, and she got in touch with us to share all the important information. You can see her film in our Worship below. All children have been invited to enter a 'Creative Earth' art competition where they design their 'perfect planet' and these will be sent off to the Government Cabinet Office to be in with a chance of being displayed at COP26. 


We kick started the day with a Worship with Miss Walton. 



Click here to watch our Worship: 


Each year group chose to mark the day slightly differently and lots have chosen to focus on the story, 'What We'll Build - Plans for our future' by Oliver Jeffers:



In Year R, children have been celebrating differences this week, learning all about Elmer the Elephant and why it's great to be different. They have thought about diversity in the world and have been making their own worlds, using a giant inflatable globe for inspiration, as well as creating patterns with fruit from different countries. They have also watched 'I can save the Earth' by Alison Inches to help them discuss the little things they can do to help our world.



In Year 1/2, the children have been reading the book 'What We'll Build' by Oliver Jeffers throughout the week. They have thought about what makes a house a home, what makes a good team and they've had a go at creating their own inventions! On Friday, they spent the day thinking about their hopes and dreams for the future - for them, but also for the Earth. They have created dream jars, written letters of their own to the Earth and created poetry all about the issues faced by our planet. They have created their own 'green hearts' in support of The Climate Coalition to mark Valentine's Day, which they will either wear or display somewhere in their house or in the community. The children in Year 2 also read a very moving book called 'Dear Children of the Earth' and this helped them to think about the part they can play in building a future for our planet.



In Year 3/4 the children have also been inspired by Oliver Jeffers and have written some wonderful prayers about looking after our Earth. They've also taken on the challenge of rewriting the story using rhyming couplets and are excited about sending their work to Oliver Jeffers himself.



Year 5/6 have been taking inspiration from the book 'Dear Children of the Earth' as well. They have been using their learning platforms to work collaboratively and share their thoughts all about the planet and what can be done to look after the Earth.



In addition to Miss Walton's Worship, Mr Willis has been looking at the same theme through Picture News and this includes a lovely story all about trees.



Click here to watch our Picture News Worship:




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