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Going With The Flow - Our Rivers Topic takes us to Puttles Bridge

Our Trip To Puttles Bridge

As part of our Rivers topic, we set out to Puttles Bridge, Brockenhurst, in the heart of the New Forest, to undertake some fieldwork. We followed the journey of the Silver Stream, beginning right at its source and saw how it flowed down into the valley to join the Ober Water in a confluence right by Puttles Bridge.  we then tracked the Ober Water through the forest, looking at how the flowing water had shaped the landscape, cutting steep river cliffs and carving mighty meanders. We also saw how the water had eroded the soil  at the bank of the river exposing tree roots.

We took part in fieldwork activities, measuring the depth, width and speed of the river at different points. We even searched for  different types of wildlife to be found in the Silver Stream.

A New Forest ranger even joined us to teach us about their job and how the New Forest changes over the course of the year. We had a wonderful day and the children especially enjoyed going into the river! Some got wetter than others!