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Pirates! Geography and Science

We have been learning all about how Pirates find their treasure in geography! We found out that they would mostly need to use a compass and a map so we learnt how to use them ourselves. We learnt about the 4 points of a compass and went outside and had a try at using one - it was quite hard we found out! Then we spent time learning about maps and how to read the symbols on a map and how to use co ordinates. 

In science as part of our topic on materials, we had to design a pirate ship that would float. We investigated a variety of materials to see which ones were waterproof and which ones would float. Then we collected some materials and the children chose what they wanted to use to make their pirate ship. 


We finished off our topic by having a pirate day! All of the children came to school dressed as a pirate and took part in a variety of activities. We had a treasure hunt to find Polly the Parott in the school and were very excited to find her in the Headteacher's office! We tested our pirate ships to see if they would float and we all made a beautiful parrot!