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Easter Holiday Home Learning Week 1

We'd love to hear how you are all getting on at home!


Teacher contacts:

To share any learning, ask any questions, or leave any comments, you can get in touch with teachers from the Yr 3/4 team using the following email addresses.


We may post any photos on the website, so please let us know if you DON'T want something posted.


Year 3/4 Home Learning: Week 3


We know it is the holidays, but because of the strange times we are currently living through, we thought that it might be useful to have some things to do to stop you getting bored.


The Easter Story



  • We have uploaded a powerpoint all about Good Friday
  • We have uploaded a powerpoint all about Why Christians celebrate Easter
  • Have a go at writing your own Easter prayer – we have uploaded an example and a template for a prayer card if you want to use it
  • Check out the Diocesan resources below for some fun Easter activities.



  • Have a go at retelling the Easter story using the comic strip template – choose which template you would like to use or you could even make your own
  • Use the Easter Story writing templates to write your own version of the story – don’t forget to colour in the pictures too
  • We have uploaded a booklet of Easter activities for you to try – we’ve uploaded the answers for your parents too!



All pupils have been set a range of different tasks on My Maths. Don’t forget they can use the ‘Practice’ page first so they know what to do. It might be useful to have some paper for jottings.


  • We have uploaded an Easter Maths Mystery – the answers are included for your parents!
  • We have uploaded an Easter Multiplication Mosaic for you to try


Arts and Crafts

  • Can you make your own Palm cross?
  • Can you weave an Easter basket?
  • Easter mindfulness colouring




Design and Technology

  • Why not use up odd socks by making an Easter bunny sock puppet.  Use buttons or cut out pieces of paper or card for eyes and a nose and hey presto!  You have all you need to create your own Easter bunny puppet show.
  • You could have an evening abroad!  Choose a country, say Italy for example.  Spend the afternoon making Italian flag placemats and table decorations.  Look up on the internet how to say a few Italian words like hello, goodbye, please and thank you.  Get the kids involved making an Italian dinner like pizza or pasta and enjoy.  There are so many countries to choose from it's a great way to encourage the children to experiment with new foods and languages. 



Check out the activities provided by Hampshire Music Service.



Whole School Easter Challenges:

Miss Crawford has set everyone a few fun Easter Challenges to have a go at over the next two weeks. If you do any of them, then please email us some pictures, so we can get a gallery going here on the website. 


Go on, click on the link below and choose yourself a challenge.


To assist you with a few of the challenges, you can check out the uploads at the bottom of this page, where you will find a template for an Easter Prayer; instructions for how to make a palm cross (paper or card can be used) and also a recipe for hot cross buns that Mr Willis tried out in school last week - they were easy to make and very tasty!).




Whole School Easter Challenges