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Home Learning Week Beginning 4th May

Home Learning - Week 7!

4th – 8th May 2020


VE Day – 75th Anniversary Celebrations





This week our Home Learning is another whole-school topic-web. This means that whatever year group you are in, you can work together on the same topic theme. We hope that you have enjoyed working together so far on our ‘Year of the Tree’ and ‘Global Citizen’ topics.


This week, we are celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Victory in Europe (VE) Day, the end of World War Two in Europe.


Take a look at the topic web and select activities that you would like to do - either on your own, with your brother/sister, or together as a family.

As always, we love seeing what you have been up to, so remember to e-mail your teacher with pictures. Thanks to all the children and parents who have already sent things through to us - we love seeing and hearing all about your lock-down experiences and Home Learning!


We also have an extra-special challenge for you this week: dress up in WW2-style clothing and write a message for those you are missing while in lockdown, then take a picture of yourself holding your message and send it to your teacher – you may spot yourself in our next school video!


In addition to the topic-web work, your teachers will have set you Maths and English work that is specific to your Year group / Class.

See the notes below the topic web.



Click the link below to see all our VE Day Celebration resources!

English & Maths Home Learning for Week Beginning 4th May

      Happy Star Wars Day! 



It has been lovely getting emails from many of you keeping us up to date with things you have been doing. We have had great fun reading all about them and putting some of your photos onto the different galleries on the website. Check out the galleries to see what your friends are getting up to. This week there has been lots of action in the kitchen, as many of you have enjoyed cooking meals from your chosen county. We have been really impressed with your culinary skills - Make sure you keep them going - even after lockdown.





Thank you to those who have sent in examples of their writing from last week's Global Citizen Topic - there were some great Fact Files and explanations of what you would do if you visited that country. This week, we'd love to see some of the writing you complete as part of our VE Day 75th Anniversary topic, or, in fact, any writing linked to the comprehension tasks in the links below - remember you can send us photos of any writing you do via Gmail. 


This week we have set you five further tasks tasks to complete on Education City - try to complete as many as you can over the week.


Like last week, we have uploaded a reading challenge for you to complete this week, which has been created by the Hampshire English team. There are two options: Jack & The Beanstalk (for children who are working below age-related expectations) and Leon and the Place Between  (for children who are working towards age-related expectations and above). The pack is based around the extract included and is designed to take 1 hour so we would recommend splitting this over two 30 min sessions or even three 20 mins sessions. 

If you would like something else, then visit the BBC Bitesize website and access some of the Reading Activities (either this week's, or any that have been put on the BBC website before).

Year 4

Year 3


Don't forget to look at the grid at the bottom of this page for some examples of different reading activities you might like to complete whilst you are reading. Also, don't forget you can access the ebook library. 


Reading Activity Grid



Once again, thank you to all of you who have been doing your My Maths tasks each week. We are impressed with the scores coming in. Your teachers are responding to your efforts using the My Maths Feedback, so don't forget to check. 


This Week's My Maths:

All pupils have been set a range of different tasks on My Maths. These will have a start date of May 4th.

Don’t forget they can use the ‘Practice’ page first so they know what to do. It might be useful to have some paper for jottings.


In addition to the My Maths Tasks, there are also the White Rose Daily Maths tasks (with video tutorials) and the Hampshire Maths Team's 'Problem of the Week'.  The Problem of the week is accessible below  - to access the White Rose Resources, click on the link and look for your child's Yr Group Resources.


Problem of the Week:

Each week the Hampshire Maths team are setting a problem of the week for each year group. The problems have a worked example for you to use, and then a problem for you to try yourself. Check out this week's problems below - we'd love to see some pictures of your outcomes!



Maths Group - Additional Guidance

Miss Walton’s Group:

  • Use the Multiplication Check website ( ) or TT RockStars ( to continue to practise your times tables - I have sent you all a challenge on Rock Slam
  • This week's focus for your My Maths Learning is Measurement. It would be great if you could have a go at doing some practical measurement as well - think about items you could measure in your home and when you are getting out and about for your exercise. You may be able to find a tape measure, weighing scales, a thermometer, a measuring jug or even a fit bit that could help with this task too. 
  • If you have completed all the My Maths tasks, why not try one of the booster packs - chose a topic you want to practise


Miss Ivey’s Group:

  • Use the Multiplication Check website ( ) or TT RockStars ( to continue to practise your times tables
  • This week's My Maths is focused around Statistics and there are also some consolidation tasks for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.  It would also be great if you can create some of your own tallies, bar graphs and pictograms. Perhaps see how many different types of birds you can spot or ask your family members what their favourite colour is.
  • If you have completed all the My Maths tasks, why not try one of the booster packs - chose a topic you want to practise


 Mr Willis’ & Mrs Symonds' Group:

  • This week's My Maths is focused around Multiplication and there are several tasks related to that topic - some may be revision tasks and some may be new, but don't forget that you can always do the lesson before beginning the homework, just to remind yourself what to do.
  • This topic should align with the BBc Bitesize resources and the White Rose Resources, so check both of those websites for further practice.
  • Of course you can always visit the Multiplication Check website ( ) or TT RockStars ( to continue to practise your times tables too.