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Fund Raising Friendship Ambassadors

Fundraising To Support Live Links

Our Sister Schools Friendship Ambassadors met on the last Wednesday of term to try to turn £10 into £85 in order to purchase a blue-tooth speaker to send over to Kushadavi.. We have been able to hear all the pupils in KMS have said to us, as our brilliant whiteboards have such good speakers, but over in Nepal, they have been straining to hear our words, huddled around an i-pad. This simple purchase will really help to bring our pupils together.

The simple Rice Crispie  and Cornflake chocolate cakes were easy to make and Miss Walton oversaw the ambassadors as they created their Easter classics. 110 were made at the final count and these were then sold over two after-school cake sales. Thanks to some very generous donations , we have managed to raise £55 towards the speaker, so we will need to think about how we can muster up those last few pounds.

If you have any simple fundraising ideas, or would like to make a donation towards the speaker, please pop in and see Mr Willis.

Thanks to Miss Walton and all the ambassadors for their help and support so far.