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Live Link 7

Class 8 Live-Link

Due to a technical hitch before Easter, Class 8's live link was postponed, but it was well worth the wait. To complete our focus on 'health and well-being', both sets of children shared information about recent festival experiences and how these give a sense of community and are good for the spirit.

We  explained all about the festival of Easter, sharing the Easter story and talking about ways in which people celebrate Easter - we even had an Easter egg to show them!

In return, they told us all about Holi, which they celebrated in March. They explained that it is the most enjoyable and inclusive festival and that it includes throwing paint at friends and family. They also explained how the festival brings everyone together.

Through the question and answer session that followed, we learnt that there are similarities between some of our festivals, but a few differences too.

To round the live-link off, we shared a song from the Easter performance and our friends in Nepal sang us a song sung during the Tihar festival.