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Stories- Autumn 2

Celebrating Bedtime Stories!

We believe bedtime stories are so important and not just for the immense educational benefits, but also for the precious, magical and important family moments too. Reading or telling a story can be so relaxing for our children before they go to sleep and gives them a chance to relax and unwind. We have noticed that all our children in Year R love listening to stories and so we have kick started our learning this half term by celebrating and promoting bedtime stories.  We invited families to come back into school after the end of the day with a teddy, torch, pillow and favourite bedtime story! The children were delighted to see our classrooms had changed with little cosy corners, lots of books and plenty of twinkly lights! They listened to their stories by torch light and looked very sleepy by the time they left! We look forward to seeing more of our families after school on Monday 7th November for our second Bedtime Story session.