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Yr 3-4 Netball Competition - 15th March

The Medal-Winning Mammoths & Meerkats

Milford Fly High at Y3/4 Netball Tournament


Twelve excited Y3/4’s, making up two teams (the Milford Mammoths and the Milford Meerkats), set off on Wednesday to the Priestlands Y3/4 Netball Event, where they joined four other schools -Brockenhurest, Our Lady & St Joseph’s, Beaulieu and South Baddesley. Most schools brought along two teams, so the tournament was run as a straight ‘Round-Robin’, with all teams playing each other.  This meant that every team played a total of 8 matches – so a packed afternoon of Netball!

Both MOSPS teams started the tournament strongly with convincing opening round wins; and then went on to win all their matches in some style: across the 8 matches, the Meerkats shot a total of 35 goals and only conceded 6 while the Mammoths shot 45 goals and also only conceded 6!

This meant that both teams were tied on points with 7 wins each out of 7 with one game remaining. This, final match, amazingly and rather fittingly pitched them against each other, so there was everything to play for.  

It was a fabulously close match with all the children showing wonderful Netball skills and a good knowledge of each other gleaned from their club practice sessions.  The Meerkats quickly went ahead, but within minutes the Mammoths were leading 2-1!  In the dying seconds of the match, the Meerkats shot a wonderful goal and as the final whistle blew the match ended in a draw: 2-2 – which was, without question, the perfect score for two such deserving Teams. The final positions, therefore, were eventually decided on goal difference, with The Mammoths being awarded the Gold Medals, the Meerkats the Silver and Our Lady & St Joseph’s took third spot.

So, a clean sweep by the wonderful Milford Netballers, who all ended the afternoon with big smiles on their faces. The Mammoths were especially delighted to lift the Trophy high, and bring it back to Milford for the 4th year in a row – an incredible achievement!

Coach Brown and Mrs Rand were both incredibly proud of all the children, who played some quite excellent Netball and displayed wonderful sportsmanship and teamwork throughout the afternoon. Well done to every one of our dynamic dozen!

Huge thanks, to Coach Brown, for giving up even more of her time to be at tournament and manage the Mammoths; to Mrs Hurcombe for managing the Meerkats; to Mrs Rand, of course, for her overall coordination and also to the parents who taxied the netballers to Priestlands and gave such great support!


Next week it is the chance of our Yr 5-6 Netball team to show their skills.