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Yr 5-6 Dodgeball Competition - 1st March

MOSPS Shine At New Dodgeball Event

Huge numbers of Yr 5-6 pupils put themselves forward for this event, knowing that it would be an afternoon of fast and furious fun, and this meant that those whose names were pulled from the hat were really excited to get the opportunity to play some competitive Dodgeball.

After only an hour of practice in their Games sessions, they had mastered the fundamentals of the game and were keen to put into practice their ducking, dipping, dodging throwing and catching. With five other school attending the event, there was plenty of Dodgeball to be played over the afternoon and Mrs Rand said that the children were all smiles and sweat!

Team MOSPS played eight matches in total (facing each school twice) gaining points for eliminating all the players from their opponents and further points for the number of players left on the court on the final whistle.

While everyone gave their all, haring around the court and dodging for their lives, Tess stood out as our champion catcher, eliminating plenty of players from our opponents and Daniel and Ava picked up the Determination wristbands for their spirited performances over the afternoon.

When the points were tallied at the close of play, only 6 points separated the top three positions: Brockenhurst Primary took 3rd spot, with 12 points; Beaulieu came second with 15 points; but in the top spot, with 18 points were team MOSPS – The PSPs first Dodgeball Demons!

A huge ‘WELL DONE!’ to all 10 players for representing the school so well and showing off their sporting WE CARE Values, both on and off the court. Thank you to all the parents who transported and supported on the day, and, of course a massive ‘THANK YOU!’ to Mrs Rand for managing the team and getting her head around the complex scoring.

Next week is another indoor event – the  KS2 Sports Hall Athletics Competition.