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Yr 3-6 Cross Country Event - 23rd November

KS2 Cross Country Runners Do Us Proud!

On Wednesday  of this week, Mrs Cooke  accompanied 20 pupils across to Priestlands for the annual Cross Country Competition.

It was a blustery afternoon, but that did little to dampen the spirits as they set off for this popular event, which gives young runners the chance to compete both as an individual and as part of a team. 7 schools  attended the event this year, so there were plenty of runners out on the course for the competition and lots of good performances to cheer on!

Before their races, the Young Sports Leaders from Priestlands helped to keep the competitors warm by leading warm-ups and stretches. The Yr 3/4 team raced first with each runner’s place contributing to the overall team score. Both the girls’ and boys’ teams put in excellent performances digging deep in their effort to cross the finish line as quickly as they could.

Unfortunately, just before the Yr 5-6 graces began, the heavens opened soaking everyone preparing to run. Despite being cold and wet-through, there was, once again, no shortage of effort from our upper junior runners in both the boys’ and girls’ races. Despite the rain and a slight issue with marshals, everyone completed the course. A special mention to Osh, who secured 3rd place in the boys’ race. A fantastic individual result – well done Osh!

Due to the weather, it was decided that the points would not be tallied (and results shared) on the day. Instead, the runners were able to get home to warm up and dry off earlier than expected. We will let you know the results as soon as we get them, but whatever they are, the performance of every runner than went is something to be celebrated!

Mrs Cooke said after the competition, “With seven schools there, it was a fantastic event. I am so proud of our pupils: not only did they all give their best on the course, they were so supportive of all the other runners, cheering them on in the challenging conditions. The only thing that would have improved the afternoon would have been better weather!”

Congratulations to all who took part – they all showed great sportsmanship resilience and the MOSPS spirit all afternoon. Special thanks to Mrs Cooke, for managing the teams and getting everyone to the start line on time and to Mrs Deveney, who was an invaluable help all afternoon. Thanks also to the army of parent drivers /supporters who braved the cold.

Next week it is Yr 3-6 Tag Rugby – fingers crossed for a dry afternoon.