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Yr 3-4 Gymnastics Competition - 2nd November

Gymnasts Bounce Their Way To Bronze!

In the first sporting event of the second half of the autumn term, Mrs Cummings and Mrs Rand took a team of excited gymnasts over to Priestlands for an afternoon of balancing, springing, leaping and a performance of a rehearsed routine.

The event was a lovely balance of competition and coaching, providing school teams with the chance to perform a routine to music before being coached by staff and young Sports Leaders on the Air track, trampolines and vaulting horse.

Squeezing in rehearsals of their routines when they could, Mrs Cummings worked with our six gymnasts to produce a creative, fun routine to the ‘Angry Birds’ music, showing the children’s skills in balance, counter-balance movement and musicality and she was really impressed with their enthusiasm and effort in the short time they had together.

Accompanied by Mrs Rand as well, the pupils all had a fantastic afternoon, with lots of laughs and smiles as they performed their mat work routine and then challenged themselves on the Air Track and other gym equipment available. Mrs Cummings and Mrs Rand reported that is was a great afternoon of gymnastics with amazing performances (both group and individual)  from all of our pupils, who listened well to the coaching and threw themselves (literally) into everything on offer.

Seven schools attended the event and we are very proud that team MOSPS were awarded bronze medals for their efforts, placing third. Congratulations to Hattie, Welly, Jessica, Bertie, Poppy and Amelie! Congratulations also to Our Lady & St Josephs and Beaulieu who took the top two spots.

Huge thanks to all our pupils for their effort and attitude on the day; to Mrs Cummings, for her training; Mrs Rand, of course, and all the parents who helped with transport.

A short video of the team’s routine is available to see using the following link:

Next up is the Year 5/6 Gymnastics.